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                        Birth of a Soup Kitchen



How did Living Bread Soup Kitchen come to be?

Being raised in a Christian home ,I've always been surrounded by givers. Dad & Mom were born & raised in Garrard Country,  married in 1948 at a young age and started their family a year later. Not long after, they were both saved & joined a church in Lancaster Ky. After my brother & sister were born they moved to Cincinnati Oh. Dad got a job with Mayflower movers, bought their first home & started pastoring in their first church. Mom stayed at home with us kids worked in the church & loved to cook. Dad would offer food for the soul & Mom food for the body.

   I was born in 1960 then a couple years later they moved us all to Dayton Ky.  Although we lived in the city Dad rented an old farm house (Which i still enjoy visiting for old times sake) that's abandoned now in Garrard Co. We raised a garden there and fed many people from that garden. We would take vegetables back to our church and pass it out, they would drive to widow's houses & anyone they knew of that needed help &  give away food. They would always help families in need. We would have huge dinners inside & outside & invite everyone, alot of people would bring food too but it wasn't required. It was a blessing, I learned to enjoy being a servant & i still do. I believe God made me the way I am but He did most of it through the training my parents instilled in me.

In loving memory  of

Mom - Dewell Fay (Moberly) Davis 1935 - 1989

Dad - Morris M. Davis 1925 - 1999

Both Gone to soon, I think Mom is singing & dancing in heaven & Dad is soaking up every word of God.

                              Now to the present

     No one knows me better than my husband 'Bill' and February 2009 we were just sitting & talking about nothing I can remember & then Bill said 'Gina you've always wanted to start a soup kitchen, I think if you really want to, you should go for it. Basically out of the blue,he said this!

     I haven't looked back, I feel like with Bills support & God on my side which includes all the people who are helping, I can do anything.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me

At first glance it may seem to have started with me having a dream of feeding the hungry but thats probably because i have the biggest mouth lol ,I am only one who helped in getting the wheels rolling.God planted many people in one garden that had the same desire & determination.We opened in 2009 and have been through a lot of change's. Being open to what the Holy spirit would have us do is our desire, we don't want to miss God's will, EVER.  Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today & forever............... praying for perfect balance because  God is also a God on the move. If we learn to flow in the spirit we can FLY!

A dream come true................................................My husband "Bill" always knew my hearts desire but in Feb of 2009 he encouraged me to fulfill what God had impressed upon me for years. I didn't know anything about running a soup kitchen or how to get started,I thought I can't do anything but as I began to talk with friends of mine & learned they also had a heart to serve.We all started coming up with creative ideas,fund-raising,phone calls,working, anything we could think of.We have come along way since Feb 2009 & are excited about learning more day by day.I've made many mistakes & I'm sure I'll make more, but through the mercy of God & the help of friends & people God has placed in my life, we will feed the hungry & do even more! We all are trying to work in one accord by keeping our focus on feeding the hungry. Our vision (right now)is feed the hungry plus be open to whatever God wants us to do. We are always praying for wisdom & hope we grow into helping in other areas too. I would also like to say thanks to my husband Bill & daughter Jordan for WILLINGLY taking a backseat so much of the time to what God would have me do. To God be the Glory. Our pleasure, Gods Glory!

Many have helped, many have come & gone & each have been appreciated for the season they have been with us. May God bless you all.

founder & pres.

Gina G. Gaylor

for more information please feel free to contact Bill & Gina Gaylor 606-379-6270

email -- livingbreadsk@yahoo -- thank you

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